Ok ladies grab your glasses because it’s about to GO DOWN.

So let’s discuss the topic of social activism. There seems to be downplay on what social media activism is.  Let’s start with the quote that inspired this commentary today.

Shonda Rhimes said at a Dartmouth commencement speech back in 2014 this:

““Hashtags are very pretty on Twitter,” she said. “But a hashtag is not a movement. A hashtag does not make you Dr. King. A hashtag does not change anything. It’s a hashtag. It’s you, sitting on your butt, typing on your computer and then going back to binge-watching your favorite show.”


Let’s start with the black lives matter movement shall we. This all started as a simple hash tag from a community organizer in 2013 after the acquittal of George Zimmerman. This lead to an offline organized movement that have local chapters.


Uber tried it. They decided to turn off surge prices in the middle of a protest with #45 Muslim ban. Within a 24-48 hour time span #DELETUBER started. They lost thousands of people subscribed to the app. Low and behold they had a change of heart. Next thing you know by the weekend 3 million dollars for legal fees were used to defend families impacted by the ban.

Clears throat.

United tried it. United Airlines decided they would drag a paying customer off the plane because he didn’t volunteer to leave. The social media video was posted and the #BOYCOTTUNITEDAIRLINES was born. Within that week stock prices dropped, many people cancelled flights, and THEN the CEO said my bad. They then went to implement changes in order to effectively deal with “overbooked” seating.

Stretches Arms.

Shea Moisture and Pepsi tried it. They thought they would bring deaf tone ads to people. Shea Moisture thought they would alienate their core demographic and Pepsi thought that a white privilege woman can recreate a protest and nobody would notice. Wrong both issued an apology removed the add, and guaranteed steps to ensure better quality ads.

Sings .. On and on on and on (Erykah Badu voice)

Stop Letting Retailers Define What is Masculinity

Ok ladies grab your glasses because it’s about to GO DOWN.

The infamous black twitter has sounded off once again. There is a new male romper and everyone is losing their mind. Now, before we get started, I want to start off by saying that I do have great pleasure in imaging men getting completed naked in a bathroom stall while squatting, but I digress. Cam Newton recently gave us a chic navy floral romper and the criticism didn’t take long to follow. As I scrolled through my timeline I kept seeing comments that he was not being “masculine enough” and even being called gay.

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Pause. So gayness is now transmitted through floral prints? There were terms used such as “he is on the borderline of being a cross-dresser.” Here is why if you believe this, your rhetoric is trash. Let’s first start with a little fashion history. There is nothing in current fashion that has not been inspired by the past.

Let’s start with the 1970’s. Men in this era wore what was called a jump suit. This was a one piece that men and women both wore. They also wore platform shoes and ruffled shirts. Let’s move to the 80’s where our favorite hip hop and TV actors such as Will Smith, wore crop tops and fitted jeans. I never heard someone mention that they were “gay” or less of a man then. I dare you to say Prince didn’t slay in every outfit he wore. There is also a Dandy movement in Chicago. This is movement is well dressed men breaking status quo in their fashion. You may know the artists Jidenna and Andre 3000 as a point of reference. As you can see, they have never received such backlash as Cam Newton and this romper movement.

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However it’s a deeper question I want us all to explore. Why are we defining masculinity with clothing?

According to my comment section when I posed this question, many women felt that your clothes transpire into actions. In other words, if you dress more “feminine” you are “feminine.” So we have now used social constructs of gender to define sexuality. Even more, we have now as women used this concept to now oppress men’s expression while still yelling for equal rights.

Here are 3 reasons why your statement is problematic:

You are Perpetuating Hyper-masculinity which are Ideologies found in Rape Culture

Women are told daily that based upon what we wear we can be considered promiscuous or providing a “distraction” to a work environment. When we go into a profession we are constantly policed by company policy as to what is appropriate. Now, we have used that same conditioning to now attack male’s preference of dress. Stay with me were connecting the dots, one of the examples of rape culture is “defining masculinity as dominant”. When statements are made that rompers are “feminine” you are saying that a romper is too passive. You are giving a green light to the social construct that men are supposed to be the dominant and women are supposed to be submissive these are the constructs that lead into rape culture.

Stating something is “gay” is a direct insult to the LBGTQ community.

I get extremely agitated when people associate ethnic names to being ghetto. I never here a German name with sixteen letters and syllabus be referred to as “ghetto”. However, the word is used as a negative connation that black is ghetto and ghetto is inferior. Now, this same construct is being used on LBGTQ. Gay is not a negative so why are people using it to dehumanize and emasculate men.

Gender Roles are social constructs.

There is nothing exclusive to one gender. This includes fashion. There has been a conditioning in society where what you wear are in correlation of your role in society. There is this conformity that pushes people to believe material objects and abstract concepts are because of gender. We believe that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. That skirts are for women and pants are for men. Why? Who said that? Why are you allowing people that you are not an individual but a limiting construction of ideas that divide people?

Ladies, we have to do better.

Me not Saying the “N” Word Will Not Make Bill Maher Less Racists… Cut the Shit

Ok ladies grab your glasses because it’s about to GO DOWN.

So in latest news, Bill Maher did an interview with Republican Senator Ben Sasse. The Senator was there to discuss his book when there was a turn in events that quickly transpired. The republican encouraged Bill to come out to his home state in Nebraska to help work in the fields. Bill Maher replied “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house nigger.” Now, when the story broke, I was not surprised that another white liberal was racists. However, I was more concerned about the dialogue in our community.

We came back to the discussion of should we be using the word nigga. Critics have said that this word allows non back people to feel more comfortable in saying it because of song lyrics, overheard conversations, etc.

Wait… What?

So let’s cut the shit. How can I not using the word racist’s whites originally created going to stop racism? Why am I responsible to make them less racists? Even if he didn’t say the word Nigger why did he feel the joke on slavery was appropriate?

You know why, because he is A RACIST.

Racists don’t need permission to be racists. They call you a nigga every day without saying it. They follow you around the stores. They deny you qualified jobs based on your name. They call your terrorists for standing with Black Lives Matter. They call you violent. Every day you are a nigga to a racists white person so quite adjusting your verbiage to make it go away.

Also, did you know our community is not the first one to reclaim racial slurs? Dykes on bikes are a charted lesbian motorcycle club with 22 chapters. They reclaimed the racial slur ‘Dyke’ and are trying to break social constructs and cultural expectations.  There is also a band called The Slants. This is an Asian – American rock band.  Now, just because they have a group called The Slants or Dykes on bikes, this doesn’t mean I can go wily nily using TERF and racial slurs. The reason is because I know better. I don’t need a lecture to understand what they are doing, and I have the knowledge of their culture to know why they are doing it.

In conclusion, if a white person feels the need to say nigga because Lil Wayne said it in a rap version, I suggests you buy the editied version.

Because you can’t sit with us! (Mean Girls Voice)

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