Me not Saying the “N” Word Will Not Make Bill Maher Less Racists… Cut the Shit

Ok ladies grab your glasses because it’s about to GO DOWN.

So in latest news, Bill Maher did an interview with Republican Senator Ben Sasse. The Senator was there to discuss his book when there was a turn in events that quickly transpired. The republican encouraged Bill to come out to his home state in Nebraska to help work in the fields. Bill Maher replied “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house nigger.” Now, when the story broke, I was not surprised that another white liberal was racists. However, I was more concerned about the dialogue in our community.

We came back to the discussion of should we be using the word nigga. Critics have said that this word allows non back people to feel more comfortable in saying it because of song lyrics, overheard conversations, etc.

Wait… What?

So let’s cut the shit. How can I not using the word racist’s whites originally created going to stop racism? Why am I responsible to make them less racists? Even if he didn’t say the word Nigger why did he feel the joke on slavery was appropriate?

You know why, because he is A RACIST.

Racists don’t need permission to be racists. They call you a nigga every day without saying it. They follow you around the stores. They deny you qualified jobs based on your name. They call your terrorists for standing with Black Lives Matter. They call you violent. Every day you are a nigga to a racists white person so quite adjusting your verbiage to make it go away.

Also, did you know our community is not the first one to reclaim racial slurs? Dykes on bikes are a charted lesbian motorcycle club with 22 chapters. They reclaimed the racial slur ‘Dyke’ and are trying to break social constructs and cultural expectations.  There is also a band called The Slants. This is an Asian – American rock band.  Now, just because they have a group called The Slants or Dykes on bikes, this doesn’t mean I can go wily nily using TERF and racial slurs. The reason is because I know better. I don’t need a lecture to understand what they are doing, and I have the knowledge of their culture to know why they are doing it.

In conclusion, if a white person feels the need to say nigga because Lil Wayne said it in a rap version, I suggests you buy the editied version.

Because you can’t sit with us! (Mean Girls Voice)

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