Ok ladies grab your glasses because it’s about to GO DOWN.

So let’s discuss the topic of social activism. There seems to be downplay on what social media activism is.  Let’s start with the quote that inspired this commentary today.

Shonda Rhimes said at a Dartmouth commencement speech back in 2014 this:

““Hashtags are very pretty on Twitter,” she said. “But a hashtag is not a movement. A hashtag does not make you Dr. King. A hashtag does not change anything. It’s a hashtag. It’s you, sitting on your butt, typing on your computer and then going back to binge-watching your favorite show.”


Let’s start with the black lives matter movement shall we. This all started as a simple hash tag from a community organizer in 2013 after the acquittal of George Zimmerman. This lead to an offline organized movement that have local chapters.


Uber tried it. They decided to turn off surge prices in the middle of a protest with #45 Muslim ban. Within a 24-48 hour time span #DELETUBER started. They lost thousands of people subscribed to the app. Low and behold they had a change of heart. Next thing you know by the weekend 3 million dollars for legal fees were used to defend families impacted by the ban.

Clears throat.

United tried it. United Airlines decided they would drag a paying customer off the plane because he didn’t volunteer to leave. The social media video was posted and the #BOYCOTTUNITEDAIRLINES was born. Within that week stock prices dropped, many people cancelled flights, and THEN the CEO said my bad. They then went to implement changes in order to effectively deal with “overbooked” seating.

Stretches Arms.

Shea Moisture and Pepsi tried it. They thought they would bring deaf tone ads to people. Shea Moisture thought they would alienate their core demographic and Pepsi thought that a white privilege woman can recreate a protest and nobody would notice. Wrong both issued an apology removed the add, and guaranteed steps to ensure better quality ads.

Sings .. On and on on and on (Erykah Badu voice)

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