Mission Statement

Black Chic with Glasses is here to empower, motivate, and educate our black community. We will encourage women to come together and have candid discussions in regards to our current state in black America. This is not a place to define blackness, but to embrace its many forms.

Our goal here is to break down white supremacy. This movement is to educate each other on limitations within social constructs and challenge our current thoughts and behaviors. We will interrupt the system by dismantling patriarchy, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, and all forms of hate that stop our progression. This is our space that gives us accurate representation as an alternative to mainstream media.

This world has been transformed through women who wear glasses. We follow in the footsteps of our heroes such as Angela Davis, Shirley Chisolm, Katherine Johnson, Maxine Waters, and the countless other women who continue to fight every day as #BlackWomenAtWork.

We plan to mobilize this movement into our communities, create opportunities, and be liberated. We are unapologetically black. We are unfiltered in our delivery to you of politics, inspiration, and culture. We stand with and behind our kinfolk.


“…And it’s not because we wear skirts – it’s because we wear glasses.” – Taraji P. Henson.